Introductions: Josh

Hello, I’m Josh

From now on my posts will have a lot less Moose, I hope that’s a good thing.

So about me:

I’m 15 years old and from the UK, Specifically a little corner (the south-most corner) of Wales named Rhoose. I enjoy a lot of sci-fi, my favorite series is Firefly (Here’s serenity made from lego) and my favorite film is Book of Eli (No lego for that one 😦 ). I also enjoy using the internet, I do far to much of it which gets in the way but now I have a reason (Huzzah)!

I play games on steam a few times a week, add me (joshgriffiths1927) and we can play something together.

I should add a picture of me, Here is 13 year old me in a landspeeder.