4 Awesomely Weird Animals

1. The Kakapo

The Kakapo (night parrot) is the rarest and possibly the strangest parrot in the world. It’s a nocturnal, flightless bird that is native to New Zealand. The Whiskers and green-black feathers make the Kakapo look strange (Bonus: New Zealand has a lot of strange animals).  The Kakapo has become critically endangered because of human hunting as it freezes when startled and is incapable of flight, This bird is a very easy target for hungry hunters.

2. Leaping Lesbian Lizards!!

Scientifically named  Cnemidophorus uniparens or preferably the Desert grassland whip-tail lizard This all female species reproduces through parthenogenesis which is a form of asexual reproduction. However ovulation is reportedly stimulated by female to female sexual stimulation (that’s right they do it). Some 70 species populate this way and it has advantages to breeding in a harsh environment such as a desert in New Mexico because there is no need to find a male to mate with.

3. T he Olm

This underwater amphibian is blind and can go for 10 years at a stretch without any amount of food. The Olm lives in the subterranean waters of Italy and eats small animals moving around the water.the chemoreceptors and electroreceptors are used to catch it’s prey. It goes by names such as the human fish because of his skin colour. The amphibian is similar to axolotls because it is one of the amphibians that never leaves the water.

4.  Pedetes

These nocturnal rodents feed on plant roots and Foliage in the night and sleep in burrows they did during the day.Burrows will normally contain only one Pedete or a mother with her young but occasionally a pair and one young will be found sharing a burrow.  They are native to Kenya where if agriculture is introduced in to their area they will raid any plants being grown (Imagine lots of tiny Kangaroos running off with your potatoes.).