Raincows and Apples at 2 n the Morning

  1. So I’m staying up all night I guess. Never done this before, but anyways onto the strangeness that is this post. You have been warned it’s weird and has no point yay!

Apples and raincows. Oh how I miss those days, when I could see the raincows dancing in the sky, shining their dazzling reds, yellows, and blues in the skies as they flew. Tonight I saw them again! Maybe I’m dreaming. Maybe I’m not. It’s 2 in the morning during spring holiday. Soo… I might be mad. I might not be. Either way I’m talking to myself quite a lot which is a proven way of keeping yourself sane. (Can someone confirm this?) That’s what I’ve been told.

Now you may be wondering, where are the apples? Well to tell you the truth, there are no apples. At least I dont know where they are. Well I do, but I cant see them. Wieee!!! I’m rambling. Forgive me for this post that has no meaning of anything whatsoever. DANGOS!!!!