The thing about being a nerd

I bought a sonic screwdriver keychain today and that made me think about some things about myslf. Growing up being a nerd was always something people wanted to avoid. It was used as an insult and being labelled a nerd wasn’t the most ideal thing in the world. But then as I got older I realised that being a nerd basically just meant that I’m smart, I know stuff, and I obviously get much better grades than all the people who calls me a nerd. So what is really the problem here?

The problem is that I’m not one of the cool kids, I’m not liked by everyone and people do their best to hurt me. And it worked. I got hurt, badly. I felt like an outsider and I didn’t belong. I was always alone. But obviously this changed over time. I got more friends, and I accepted the fact that I’m clever, and that studying was fun (it’s not so fun anymore, I have to admit that). Reading the Lord of The Rings at the age of 11 wasn’t strange anymore, and liking nerdy tv-shows that no one had heard about wasn’t something I’d hide from anyone.

I accepted it, embraced it and decided that I did not want to live out a stereotype. I can be a cool nerd. When people call me a nerd, I’ll just smile at them and say: “Nerd, and proud of it!” And what really made a difference is when I came across Vlogbrothers 2.0 on Youtube in 2010. I was introduced to a whole community of people just like me. Awesome people who proudly called themselves nerds and didn’t judge no matter how strange you are.

And now, I don’t care anymore. I’ll proudly walk around with a thick book in my hands, a sonic screwdriver keychain on my bag and a wristband that clearly says DFTBA.

So yeah, that’s my badly written post on my experiences being a nerd.

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome 😉