Monday’s Child is Fair of Face

Good morning nerdfighters, it’s Monday.

This is the first post of our new schedule!  The rules are, if you fail to post on your assigned day by midnight in your own time zone, the next blogger  will give you a forfeit to be completed for the following week.

Ta daaaah:
Mondays: Ellie!
Tuesdays: Rakel
Wednesdays: Josh
Thursdays: Jamie
Fridays: Ludo
Saturdays: Shannah
Sundays: Saira

So on to my main post…
This will only be a short one, but I think I’ll follow it up properly at some point.  I thought I would write about motivation, (because Mondays)

Particularly Mondays after a week long holiday.  Everybody’s been there; peeling yourself away from the mattress and stumbling blindly to college, work, or even downstairs.  The realisation that your break is over and you have to return to whatever mental prison you had just escaped.  That’s why nobody likes Mondays.

So why do we continue to battle these things?  Is it because we just have to?  No, it’s routine.  It might be gruelling but your subconscious is used to it.  There might even be the tiniest part of your mind that wants to get up.  You have to find that part, and use it on all of your assignments, your blog, reports, CV s, and everything else you’ve been putting off.  Because honestly the more you just get on with it, the more likely it is you’re becoming used to it without even realising.  Just like getting up, you’ll tell yourself you really do need to do it, and in time it will become a skill that has countless advantages.

I apologise for the rushed post, I haven’t got long left to write it and you get the idea.  I know the battle between procrastination and motivation is almost impossible to overcome for so many people, and I can’t magically give you the tools to win that battle with a couple of paragraphs,  because you only get out what you put in, and I’m not you… Or something…

Rakel, I’ll see you on Tuesday.


(I’m just going to pretend I didn’t put this post aside until and hour before the deadline)

EDIT:  Congratulations John and Sarah, Happy Birthday Alice!