Tuesday’s child is full of grace

If you happened to know me, there are a few things that I have a passion for, and that is food, music and internet. And today is time to talk about the second of these, or rather, and band.

I’ve listened to this band since I was eleven, so it’s been six years now. Since then I’ve only seemed to like them more and more, and their new albums have never disappointed.

And the band? Billy Talent.

The boys have been around since the 90’s, and oh boy have they not changed since then.  They started out as a weird combination of punk and hip hop, and today they are more of a alternative punk band. But as well as I like all their sounds, the change has made them sound stronger and more mature.

I can say that they are excellent on stage as I’ve seen them once, and will again later this month. They please the crowd and play the songs with great passion. Even if effects and such aren’t that much, it’s easily one of the best gigs I’ve been on. I certainly can’t wait for the next!

Their fanbase might not be so big yet, but it is growing, and even if they might never become a great sensation, it will always feel as if they are here for me one way or another.

Josh, I’ll see you on Wednesday!