Gotta get down on Friday

… or not, in fact. After a big test, my main priority is to get some sleep. Since I’m still thinking about tests, I’m going to ask you a question at the end of my post. I’ll give you the correct answer in a week; whoever gets it right in the meantime wins an Internet.

Now, let’s go back to the subject of sleep; dreams, in particular. Dreams are awesome. My life is quite dull, and my dreams tend to be quite exciting; I often end up in the middle of big historical events, such as the battle of Waterloo – a recurring dream of mine.  Dreams are very interesting, if you think about them; I often spend the entire morning pondering the meaning of what I dreamt during the night. They give you a precious opportunity to get to know yourself better – I’m no expert, yet paying attention to my dreams has done a lot for me. And knowing oneself is very important: Socrates, Sun Tzu and Seneca couldn’t all be wrong, could they? You are your own worst enemy: the biggest obstacles in life are your own fear, and your own ignorance. By getting to know yourself, you can control those better.

Also, you can often end up in funny situations in your dreams; mine are a bit too embarrassing to share, but you can surely relate. And nothing is more boring than a dreamless night of sleep – you close your eyes, and you open them the next morning, having missed an opportunity to live an adventure. My dreams have taken me to the past, to the future, to Middle Earth and the world of Ice and Fire.  I could hardly imagine not being able to dream, and if I weren’t able to dream, I could hardly imagine anything at all. How miserable would that be? Very. And dreams have inspired great minds since the birth of civilization: imagine how dull humanity would be, without the ability to dream.

Tl,dr: dreams are awesome.

And now, after my amateurish philosophical ramblings, comes the question: name all the countries that share a border with France.

P.S. Shannah, I really hope you’ll recover all your electronics as soon as possible.

P.P.S. As a (relatively minor) punishment, Jamie, your next post must contain the following three words: “Kazakhstan”, “platypus” and “raincow(sic)”.