the 4th dimension

I’ve always had this question on my mind:

What does a 4th dimensional shape look like.

I found some amount theoretical science that I’m happy with, it involves defining all dimensions the same way as if we just count up to 3 but have nothing stopping us counting to 4.

1. A one dimensional shape has one dimension of space meaning that it can be a line of any length but it has to be a perfectly straight line.


2. A 2 dimensional shape is two one dimensional objects joined across to create a 2 dimensional object


3. A 3 dimensional object joins 2 2 dimensional objects to become a 3 dimensional object


4. now this is the thought destroying bit, you have to link two 3d objects with out them becoming a differently sized 3d object as they would be expected to become. This is why 4d objects don’t exist outside of theory


this is my attempt at drawing a non-existent object, it’s difficult to draw on a 2d platform (it’s not the best way to draw 3 dimensions) but it shows how complicated a lot of this can be.

I hope this was a simple explanation of 4D objects, you can see how you could follow this along to 5D and 6D objects if you wanted to.

Playing with 4 dimensions

I downloaded a 4 dimensional Rubik’s cube and began to just rotate the sides. the physics are (obviously) so different that it’s impossible to work out what’s happening without a lot of research and thought.

Have a go for yourself

rubics cube

Clicking the image above will take you to a page where you can find out more and download the program.

Rakel shall right a post about fluffy cows next week.