Regular life

Martha woke up at eight
And realised she would be late
But decided she wouldn’t worry
There was no point to hurry
Days would come and go
Today was the day to go slow

She quickly watered the flower
Then took a long long shower
Breakfast just tea and bread
She longed to go back to bed
But managed to get back to work
I can’t come up with something rhyming with work

Martha arrived at her office in time
Spent the next hours solving a crime
Until lunchtime when it was time for food
Oh, how that lightened her mood
Eating as much as she could
Enjoying every bite like she would

She felt a bit distracted after lunch
But figured it was just a hunch
She hummed some song as she continued to work
Seriously, what the hell rhymes with work?
The melody in her head was calm
Who she then saw forced sweat in her palm

It was her handsome boss
Married, but it was his loss
His appearance made her heart beat
So loud, she felt a sudden heat
What if he could hear?
Her blush reached her ear

Martha suddenly felt very silly
Thinking about her boss’ willy
And wiped her thoughts a bit
And started dreaming of a new outfit
A new colourful dress perhaps?
Or possibly a pair of chaps?

Martha got home a few hours after that
Her roommate wanted a little chat
She told Martha about a near trip
A little alcohol, they both took a sip
That sip turned into many
And tipsy got Martha and Jenny

Jenny woke Martha the morning after
Neither of them shared a laughter
They both had a job to go to
And Martha couldn’t find her shoe
They shared the tea and bread
And both longed back to the bed

Martha made her way to her job
She didn’t really feel like a snob
Her breath smelled and her hair was a mess
But she could really care less
She realised nothing mattered now
In reality she was just a fluffy cow