10 Cool Lifehacks

Life Hack (Organize Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls)

Life Hack (Tie Extension Cords Together)

I started using this one for a small charger cable, it works better than you think it would

Life Hack (Stop Spam by Sorting by Unsubscribe)

Life Hack (Carry More Groceries Using Clip)

Life Hack (Microwave Pizza Trick)

Life Hack (Guide to Napping in Public Safely)

Life Hack (Protect iPhone Charger Cord)

Life Hack (Homemade Cord Organizer using Clips)

Life Hack (Homemade CD Case)

Life Hack (Express Elevator Trick)

Life Hack (Use Doritos as Fire Kindling)

Sorry for this being short, I’l upload the others when I work past this memory limit thing. 😛