Lack of sleep = no good no good

I was planning this long post on the brain and how we perceive the stuff around us and stuff, but I’m running on low sleep and headaches so I think I’ll put it off for next week.

Yes, I have lots of ideas for posts. Everyday conversations gives me so many ideas about stuff I can research on and write about, and hopefully I’ll end up with a first class degree by the end of my studies because of this wonderful blog. It’s really the only thing that motivates me to read psychological articles and research papers other than my coursework during term time. So that’s a plus.

I think I sense a pattern in my posts. Long post, short post and then long post again. Sorry about that. I’ll try and work on it. I’m literally only writing this to not be punished.

And as a sidenote: Geese cheese piece peace peas fleas niece sneeze jeez bees etc. etc – A poem by me!

Saira out!