About Harry

At the moment I’m rewatching the sixth Harry Potter movie, as I’ve been watching one every evening with my family for almost a week now. The two final movies are remaining, and in a few days it will be over all again.

This has been taking me back to when I was just a small child. When my sister and I were small, our dad used to tell stories every evening before we went to bed. One evening we were bugging him to tell us something so he read out loud from th book he was reading, which was the second book; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I don’t remember what part it was, or even what happened, but I remember both me and my sister actually calmed down enough to listen to the chapter.

It also must have been around that time we saw the first movie, I was about five or six, and my sister two years younger, but our parents were sure we wouldn’t get too upset. And even though the age restriction is a bit higher than our age then, we enjoyed it pretty much. Same with the second movie.

When I was seven, I had the entire first book read to me by my grandmother, as I had only been able to read for half a year. I remember liking it very much, and that encouraged me to read the second one myself the following summer.

After that I read them all in order until I had caught up with the newest at the time, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. After that I re-read them all again and again until the next one came out, and continued like that until the seventh and final book came out.

The movies were pretty much the same. The first Potter movie I was allowed to see in theaters was the fourth one, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I remember almost being crushed in the theater before getting inside to the seats. But 10 year old me was very excited and it is still one of my fondest memories.

I also remember sneaking the books to my room to read them while my dad also was re-reading them, and he would always get a bit annoyed and take the book back, but it wasn’t really much trouble. Having so many Potterheads in one house was not easy, so the books were always circulating.

The last movie was the only one I was able to see at the midnight premiere. I had wanted to go to the earlier ones, but my parents didn’t let me. But the last one was probably the best of choises, because the whole saloon was filled with emotional people of many ages all waiting for the ending of the series, with both anticipation and dread.

I also saw the Weasley twins and have their autograph. And I went to the Harry Potter studios.

But I can honestly say Harry Potter is not only my choldhood, but most of my life actually. I’ve shared many laughs and cries with the characters, had many discussions about the stories with both friends and family, had marathons, seen the musicals, read fanfiction, acted out scenes with friends and so on.

And if I could choose to relive my life, I’d do all of this again.


P.S Ellie, your punishment will be drawing a picture of a dragon, a moose, a butterfly and yourself having a tea party.