Paper towns

So my punishment for not posting last week is to write a book review of one of John Greens books. This is honestly not a punishment at all as I love books and everything about them and, I love sharing my thoughts on them (though never in person in case someone disagrees with me and I won’t be able to discuss anything because I just panick).

So I thought I’d write about Paper Towns, which is a book about a boy (Quentin) who likes a girl (Margo) and when the girl disappears he goes looking for her (no, this isn’t Looking for Alaska. That’s a completely different book).

Now, I really like this book because it’s got the romance, the mystery and above all it’s got the friendship. Quentin is obsessed with Margo’s disappearance and he’s got his best friends with him who support him all the way. Which is great because if I told my best friends that my runaway crush had left clues for me to find him/her, they’d probably just laugh and tell me to get a grip (I have great friends, really!). I also like the ending of the book which was a little different from what I expected but in a very good way. It’s not the typical young adult novel, that’s for sure, and that’s a good thing because you will keep thinking about the book a long while after you’re done (at least if you’re like me).

I think the reason people like John Green books so much is because of his writing style. He has his way of explaining feelings and emotions that many people can relate to and that everyone can understand. I’ve seen quotes from his books everywhere. The young love metaphors, apparently.

I have one complaint, though, and that’s probably due to my shy nature. John Green seems to love to write about the confident and outspoken girls. Obviously the confident nature is all on the outside and on the inside they are just as broken and real as the rest of us, but it’s still a point that I wanted to make. Because I’ve always felt like most girls who read the books are just the opposite of that. Most nerdfighters I know are shy, “anti-social” and introverted as f***. I have only read three of John Green’s books (Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska and TFioS) so if there is any book where the girl isn’t confident and outspoken, please let me know!

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone as it’s fun, sad and very very interesting.