Carrots are orange
Blueberries are blue
If you knew carrots were alive
What would you do?

Would you still eat your vegetables?
Eat healthy and be strong?
Would you ignore their cries of pain
And not admit you’re wrong?

Or would you let them be
Watch them develop and grow
Build cities and countries
In both summer and snow

Together both man and carrot would rule
As equals, sisters and brothers
We’d share the face of the earth
Build families as fathers and mothers

In a couple of hundred years
The human-carrot species
Would bloom as never before
As long as you keep the word, kaspecies

Then it would all go to hell
The carrots would attack
The humans wouldn’t have a chance
They’d be gone in a smack

Because carrots can kill you
With just a stick in the heart
From their perky little bottoms
It really is an art

So kids, eat your carrots
Dont let them come alive
They might take over the world
In a classy little jive