Poem about chickens

Cluck cluck cluck

Chicken noises everywhere

Cluck cluck

Feathers, beaks, wings

More chicken noises

The chicken rooster is very cocky

He is dad to all mini chickens

Why cant he use protection, wonders some chicken ladys

The cock goes outside

Some Chickens follow

Some Chickens stay inside and take care of their eggs

The tiny chickens are yellow and cannot be seen in the hay

In the hay is where they play

A chicken stepped on a mini chicken

Nobody notices the smashed tiny chicken

Life goes on

A chicken lady leaves her nest

The white and brown eggs lay there

They won’t  leave, she tells herself

She goes over to the other chickens

They talk and have fun for a while, and then she leaves to check on her menstruation or unborn babies

But they are gone

Gone, gone

All of them are gone

Somebody has plucked them of her nest


They are gone

Cluck cluck cluck

Only Chicken noises left