Meet the Team


I’m 15 years old and from the UK, Specifically a little corner (the south-most corner) of Wales named Rhoose. I enjoy a lot of sci-fi, my favorite series is Firefly (Here’s serenity made from lego) and my favorite film is Book of Eli (No lego for that one :( ). I also enjoy using the internet, I do far to much of it which gets in the way but now I have a reason (Huzzah)!

I play games on steam a few times a week, add me (joshgriffiths1927) and we can play something together.


Hello, my name is Jamie Sparkes. If you were to Google my name, what would come up? Well, images such as thisthis, and this, as well as my soundcloud page. Unfortunately, Googling my name does not give you an impression of me. All it tells you is that there are other people named Jamie Sparkes, and that I like to record myself making music.

So, I thought I’d properly introuduce myself. My name, as previously mentioned, is Jamie Sparkes. I am 18 years old and currently living in Wales, which is England’s younger more annoying brother who, despite fighting with the older brother, wants to be just like him.

As for things I enjoy doing, I spend most of my time right here – on the internet. I’ve had plenty of projects on the internet in the past – websites, blogs, Youtube channels, and through them I have made a lot of friends. This blog is a result of just that – friends on the internet. You can never have enough internet friends, or internet projects!


‘Ello. My name is Shannah though I have been granted permission to call myself Pineapple or Piney that being my nickname among the people I now have the privilege of blogging with. Anyways, I’m a 15 year old girl from Arizona, USA. Though I am secretly British at heart and have been dubbed an Honorary British Child by the people I’m now blogging with.

Now onto the things I like to do. Internet, crochet, draw (thoughI’m not very good), write (still not very good), read, and watch TV shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, Heroes, etc.

I am a Whovian, Sherlockian, Supernaturalist, and whatever you call someone who watches Firefly, The Walking Dead, and Heroes. I plan on trying to expand my fandom horizons though.:) Happy blogging with Grandma Moses and the gang.


I am Rakel, and it is me that is Grandma Moses on this site. (Yes, it is also a real person, but it’s also a nickname of mine.)

I live in Finland, it is very cold.

I might be obsessed with stuff, so hope it doesn’t mind anyone.

I listen to a lot of music, I really love music. I just can’t create any.

I also do some vlogging here with two other persons.

I also tumble and blog on other places.


Hello!  I’m Ellie, a 15 year old nerdfighter and a tumblr addict from Cambridge, UK.

Some boring facts about me:

  • I enjoy watching shows like Sherlock, Scott& Bailey, Come Dine With Me and Dr Who.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with Robert Downey Jr.
  • I love being behind the camera, rather than in front of it- you can see my photography here and here.
  • I really want to study theoretical physics at Cambridge!  Although I’m going to struggle to get into sixth form, let alone a university with such high expectations.
  • LOVE reading, my favourite books are Paper Towns,  Feeling Sorry for Celia, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the (unpublished) Boy in the Big Wide Sky.
  • I procrastinate, a lot…


Hello, there! My name is Saira, and I am the newest addition to this blog. I’m 20 years old, from Norway and studying Psychology in the UK. I would argue that I am a very boring person, as I don’t talk much nor do I have anything interesting to say when I do so. But I want to change that and I will do so by writing about things that interests me and things that I think other people will like.

So what are my interests? I love reading books, all kinds of books, as long as they have a story that draws me in. I will probably do some book reviews here of my most favourite ones. I also like watching tv-shows, like Doctor Who, Merlin (although I haven’t finished it just yet), Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Community, The Vampire Diaries etc. And various other Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese shows (And yes, I listen to kpop!).

Here’s my tumblr.


Hello, everyone! My name is Ludovico ( but you can call me Ludo). I’m 17 years old, Italian, and studying engineering is France, the land of a thousand cheeses, but I consider myself a citizen of the world (been traveling a lot) — and of the Internet, of course.  I am a bit of a gamer — metaknight95 on Steam — but I watch some series, too: Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, and How I Met your Mother. I’m also currently reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series on which GoT is based, but I read other books, too. Some more serious things that I enjoy are pointless trivia and science.  So all in all, quite boring. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best to post interesting stuff.